Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  How tall is Jake?

A:  20 Hands 2 3/4 inches ( or 6’7 to the top of his wither)


Q:  Can you ride Jake?

A:  Yes, we can ride Jake and do so bareback with his driving halter on


Q:  How old is Jake?

A:  Jake is 16 years old


Q:  Is your gift shop open year round?

A:  Our gift shop is open Nov-Dec for the Christmas holiday and Christmas tree sales


Q:  When does christmas tree season start?

A:  Tree season starts the week before Thanksgiving (Nov 18 2017)


Q:  Are you open for viewings of Jake?

A:  We will have barn tours to see big Jake starting in November 2017 weekends (stay tuned for his schedule)


Q:  Does Jake do any events?

A:  Jake is currently sponsored by Purina and does activities with Purina as well as other events outside of the farm.


Q:  Are there any upcoming events?

A:  Christmas Tree Opening in November.